Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Why Using CMS Joomla??

Maybe first we have to think that making a website is difficult, but actually create a web especially with the CMS will become easier. Among the many CMS that I have interested about CMS Joomla. Here, I will not compare with the CMS Joomla CMS others, but I have to give a picture using Joomla.
Joomla is one of the system management application site is open (Open Source Content Management System - CMS OS). Joomla term taken from the Swahili language which means "all together" or "as a whole." Joomla is a fraction of the Mambo team, causing a lot of similarity between them. Joomla popularity of open source is written using PHP and MySQL-based data. Joomla also has many improvements or changes from Mambo, and a full complement security.

Some of the weaknesses that have been enhanced by Joomla namely:

• improvement in disability phpmailer class.
• improvement defect in the activation of the feature space for the SQL injection attack.
• completion mass mailer that open to spam.

Joomla web development easier to use, flexible and professional. We do not need to have knowledge about design or programming language for a beginner to learn to make website. Process and any processing relative not easy and takes a long time compared to using other applications, which required only a basic knowledge of how to install software. According to my joomla more practical use, because it easy to manage the content that is in it. Basically joomla is very easy and practical support and tutorial because many on the internet.
Besides the ease in making them, many other convenience offered Joomla, including:
• Free
Joomla can be found for free download with the application on the internet.
• Open source and the many support
This means not only free but also everyone can use and develop and distribute a clear and free. In addition, discussion forums, ekstention, templates and other supporting many resources on the internet.
• Easy to setup / installation
• Easy to manage website content
Manage the content of the website by using Joomla as it is more easily provided to the settings. Joomla users to create live only what you want to include in it’s website.
• Easy to change the look website
Display or commonly called Joomla template very much and varied according to the version of Joomla that we use. Modify the template we used was very easy to use image editing software such as Photoshop, tersbut templates can be edited without having to discuss things that are not desired. Thus, the template will be changed according to your desire.
• Powerful
Joomla can be applied with any type of website, ranging from corporate, e-commerce, e-government, until the community.

Joomla become the property of all people that can be used to develop based on the ability and skills to become a contributor in the development of the project site. All people have the right to know and use Joomla and Joomla especial work. In fact, all people have equal opportunities in terms of this development project Joomla. Thus, the Joomla community property to be for all, communities, and society.


Saturday, 11 July 2009

Just Name


Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Exam .....!!!

We always feel nervous at the exam, we think what the problem out, can not do it, and many thought that through the confusion to make us face the test. Testing for some of us into something that is frightening because there is no one can help us make our calm the test.

Check these out:
1. Be calm down, do not panic
Make in mind, the test is something that must be faced, not scare
2. Be confident
Success in the exam is determined by us, not by others. So, make sure that we ourselves can do it.
3. Plan everything properly
Prepare all with the perfect, make abbreviations stands a unique and funny to facilitate learning.
4. Practice make expert
Everything we do for the first time is quite difficult in first. But with so many exercises we used to and can.
5. Study group
May be this one solution that is still relevant, with the study group we can ask each other and solve problems.
6. Keep your stamina up
After all those preparation, other important things that we should not forget is to maintain stamina, do not get sick until the day of the test.
7. Pray
Last, but not lest, pray ....!
You ready ... ..


Saturday, 4 April 2009



Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Positive Thinking The Failure

All people have certainly been a failure, many different reactions that take place, there is a sad, regular, ordinary course, and many other.

Perhaps this can be done to address the failure:
1. Consider the success of failure is pending. do not think that failure is the end of everything. With the failure we can learn a lot, that's one positive side of a failure.
2. Easy Going, faced with a smile.
3. Think if we face the failure is still small compared with the failure of others who had faced.
4. We think the failure is given a second chance to make themselves better than before.
Perhaps some of the above ways can be a reference for how we risk failure.